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Eye Care

Eye Care

Eye Care Tear Stain Cleanser safely cleanses and removes stains and uncomfortable debris around the eyes without harmful ingredients. Cleans dirt, grime, and bacteria that can cause infection in and around the eyes. Eye Care uses Organic Aloe, Silver Ions, Chamomile and Green Tea with soothing properties and antimicrobial properties and is ideal for sensitive skin. Contains Extracts of Bilberry, Cane, Maple, Orange and Lemon, which have antioxidant properties and remove dead cells helping the growth of new healthy cells. Can also be used to remove stains beneath the mouth and clean the sensitive area.

- Can also be used for beard stains or for urine stains

- Removes build-up and stains caused by tears, saliva and mucus

- Gentle stain wash for pets with allergies and sensitivities

- With Plant-based highest quality ingredients and Silver Ions

- 99% Natural Origin Ingredients

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