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Training plays an important part in a dog's life. Our furry friends look to their people for guidance on how to behave and to learn what we expect from them. It’s up to us to educate our dogs through training and socialization. Dogs can’t be expected to follow our rules if they don’t know what those rules are.
Only positive behaviour is used and should be used.


Socialization classes are a great opportunity for your pet to learn some basic social skills and meet new friends. We only accept well-behaved animals in our classes to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our sessions give your dog the opportunity for exercise, obedience training, and lots of fun and games with other dogs. You’ll be able to tell after a Socialization, because you’ll come home to a more mellow and happy animal.

Matching Goldens
Training a Puppy with Snack


Puppy Consultation at Home

This consultation is for puppies (up to 8 months old) with you and your puppy at your home.

Basic dog training package

This is a package of 3 separate training sessions with you and your dog at your home.

Dog behavioural consultation at home

This consultation is for dogs who have behavioural issue like aggression, anxiety, fears and phobias (within Nicosia).

Basic dog training sessions at home

This is a training session at your home with you and your dog for basic training (not behavioural).

Basic dog training session

This is a one on one training session where you will train your dog with our guidance on any basic training behaviour. This does not include behavioural problems like aggression, anxiety or fears.

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