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Team Members

Hire a Dog Walker in Cyprus

In need of a Dog Walker in Cyprus? Our Team of experienced and passionate walkers are ready to provide your pets with the exercise, attention and care they deserve.

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Nikolas Nikolaou

Chief Executive Officer

Nikolas is the visionary leader driving our mission to provide top-notch care and services to pets and their owners. With a blend of strategic expertise and a genuine passion for pets, Nikolas oversees all operations, sets the company's direction, and ensures exceptional customer experiences. Through innovation, teamwork, and a commitment to animal welfare, he guides our company to new heights in the pet services industry.

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Styliana Koromia

Chief Operating Officer

Styliana is the operational mastermind behind the scenes, ensuring seamless day-to-day functioning and exceptional service delivery. With a focus on efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, she oversees the various functions and services, implements streamlined processes, and drives the company's growth in the dynamic pet services market.


Noni Eleftheriou

Chief Finance Officer

Noni is the financial steward guiding our fiscal health and strategic growth. With a keen eye for numbers and a deep understanding of the pet services industry, she manages budgets, forecasts financial trends, and makes informed decisions to optimize resources. By balancing financial sustainability with our commitment to providing top-tier pet care, Noni plays a crucial role in shaping our company's success.

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Maria Koromia

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Maria is a devoted caregiver who provides essential exercise and companionship to our furry clients. With a genuine affection for dogs and a strong sense of responsibility, she ensures each outing is safe, enjoyable, and tailored to the unique needs of each canine companion. Her dedication to promoting physical activity and enhancing the well-being of pets contributes to a happier and healthier pet community.

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